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The manifestation  of English as a global and international language  in the last decades has resulted in the emergence of numerous indigenous or local  varieties  of English. The speakers of these  varieties  have  not only increased  in  number  and  influence  over  the  years,  but  also  brought  to  the table  in  the  process,  along  with  their  linguistic  differences  in  the  way  they use  English,  their  unique  backgrounds,  cultural  identities,  attitudes  and lifestyles.

World  Englishes  and  Culture  in  English  as  a  Foreign  Language  (EFL) Education  is  an  attempt  to  offer  a  comprehensive  review  and  discussion of  the  conceptual,  practical,  pedagogical  and  ideological  issues  related to  English  as  it  is  used  by  millions  around  the  world  in  different  forms, variations  and  varieties.

While  the  primary  audience  for  this  book  is undergraduate  students enrolled  in  English  Language  Teaching  (ELT)  programs  in  Turkey, graduate  students  in  ELT,  in-service  EFL  teachers,  teacher  trainers  and other  language  teaching  professionals  are  expected  to  benefit  from  the book as a comprehensive reference work.

Kitap Bilgileri
Baskı Sayısı 1. Baskı
Basım Tarihi Ekim, 2020
Baskı Yeri Ankara
Ebat 16X24
ISBN 978-605-7523-40-2
Sayfa Sayısı 272

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